MCSR currently has three supercomputers: Sequoia, Catalpa, and Maple.

Sequoia is an SGI Altix XE cluster with 124 nodes, 1304 CPU cores, and 3,608 GB of memory with total performance of 13.68 TFLOPS. Each node contains two Intel Xeon processors. Nodes are connected using a mixture of DDR and QDR Infiniband. Parts of this cluster were purchased with funds provided by the National Science Foundation (EPS-0903787).

Catalpa is an SGI UV 2000 with 320 processor cores and 2.5 terabytes of shared memory. Unlike other MCSR systems, Catalpa is a shared memory system, not a cluster. It has a total theoretical peak performance of roughly 6.65 TFLOPS. Catalpa should be reserved for jobs that will not fit in the memory of the other systems.

Maple is a Cray cluster with 47 compute nodes, a total of 1228 CPU cores, and 29 NVIDIA Kepler K20 GPUs, and 3.3TB of memory. This cluster has theoretical peak of 70 TFLOPS. This cluster is grant funded by the National Science Foundation (CHE-1338056).

All systems are connected to MCSR’s storage system.