The Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research (MCSR) provides computing resources, training, and support for faculty, staff, and students at all of Mississippi’s public Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs).

Anyone associated with one of Mississippi’s public IHLs can apply for accounts on one or more of our supercomputers.

Supercomputer with Ron

    Fall 2018 Workshops

    MCSR will once again offer technical workshops to assist our users and others in the University community in getting the most out of their computing resources. Each topic is offered twice each week, once on Wednesday and again on Thursday. All workshops are from 2-3pm in Weir 107. Direct any questions to Ben Pharr at or (662) 915-3036.

    Please register for each workshop by clicking on the appropriate link below. You will need to be logged into myOleMiss to register.

    hpcwoods Connection Issues

    The new hpcwoods has a newer version of SSH, which no longer allows certain insecure algorithms. Unfortunately, this means the SSH Secure Shell client for Windows will no longer work with hpcwoods.

    This is not surprising, as it hasn't been updated in years. We have been discouraging its use for several months now, due to the fact it did not correctly handle forced password resets.

    Windows users should use the PuTTY SSH client. For file transfer, we recommend FileZilla.

    hpcwood's SSH host key also changed as a result of the upgrade. PuTTY users will be presented with a dialog at connection time. Mac and Linux users will need to remove the old key before attempting to connect to hpcwoods:
    ssh-keygen -R


    Maple downtime beginning May 11th

    We plan on Maple being down for a few days of maintenance beginning on May 11th. Please plan your jobs accordingly.


    Catalpa Upgrade

    Catalpa will go down for an operating system upgrade on the morning of February 28th. It will be down for roughly two days.