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Emails to users

Emails to users are currently accomplished via a Google Group. This is not ideal, but we haven’t found an ideal solution yet.

It has to be manually updated periodically. There is no way to add emails programmatically when creating accounts.

To get new email addresses to be added to the list, login to Cypress and then login to MySQL using the ppace user:
mysql mcsrresdb -u ppace -p

Use this SQL to get new emails that need to be added to the list:
SELECT email from users WHERE last_updated >= '2020-06-26';

Add users via this link:!managemembers/mcsr-users/add

Welcome message:

You are being added to the Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research (MCSR) mailing list. It is used for very occasional MCSR-related announcements.

Ben Pharr
Director, MCSR

Mailing list was last updated on 6/26/2020. Please update this page after updating list.