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R is a programming language for statistics and data analysis. It has become very popular lately, particularly in social sciences, life sciences, education, pharmaceuticals, finance, etc.

Most MCSR systems have a system R installed that may be suitable for some purposes. However, serious users will want to load one of the R modules available. The most recent version of R can always be loaded by running:
module load R

We have example jobs for R for both Sequoia and Maple. If you want to run R interactively, please use an interactive PBS session.

Installing R modules

Users that need non-standard R modules should install them in their home directory.

To install a library in your home directory, first ensure that you have the appropriate R module loaded. Then, run the following command from inside R:
where package_name is the name of the package you’d like to install. R will note that you do not have permission to write to the global R library and ask if you’d like to create an R directory in your home directory. It will then install the package and any dependencies.

If you find that an R package you installed is suddenly not there, make sure you’re on the correct system and that you’re using the correct version of R. If a new version of R has been installed, you’ll need to load the older version of R or reinstall your package.