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Running Graphical Applications

We do not recommend running graphical applications. They have to be run interactively, and a human must be around to logout when the job is finished.

However, we realize some users need to run graphical applications. Catalpa is the easiest system to run graphical applications on because it’s not a cluster.

UNIX systems use the X Window System for graphical applications. In order to forward graphics to your local screen, you’ll need an X Window client installed. Linux distributions should already have one. Mac OS X users should download and install XQuartz. University of Mississippi Windows users may download XWin32 via the myOleMiss portal.

Please follow the guide below to run your graphical application on Catalpa:
ssh -Y hpcwoods (Or otherwise connect to hpcwoods with X Forwarding enabled)
ssh -Y catalpa
qsub -I -V -lncpus=4 -lmem=5gb