Getting connected


Users connect to MCSR supercomputers via the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. For Windows, we recommend using one of the following free clients:

The first has not been updated in years, but does include a graphical file transfer utility, and seems to work well for most users. The latter is more recent, but is perhaps not as user friendly.

Mac OS X and Linux users should use the command line SSH client, named ssh, that is included with their operating system.


For security purposes, users cannot connect directly to the supercomputers. They must first connect to the hpcwoods gateway server, whose full hostname is You will need your MCSR username and password that you received when your accounts were created.

To connect the hpcwoods using a command-line SSH client, type:

Connecting to supercomputers

Once on hpcwoods, use the command line SSH client to connect to the supercomputer of your choice. For instance, to connect to catalpa, a user would run the command:
ssh catalpa